Blood of Innocence I just moved to the Andersonvi…

Blood of Innocence

I just moved to the Andersonville/Edgewater neighborhood in Chicago. It is a very nice neighborhood. It is close to friends, Mom ‘n Pop shops, church, transportation, theater, and many other things. If is a family friendly area. It has a sense of ease and tranquility in the midst of a major city. It is nice.

Last Monday, though, something happened that has altered this place. Something happened to prompt someone to scrawl disillusioned in red spray paint on the sidewalk. Something happened that caused pastor to look like they have not slept in a week. Something happened that has caused a normally jubilant 9 year old to sit by herself and reflect. Something happened.

There were 2 people whose blood was spilled. There were 2 people. A mother and a husband/father. A new widow. Newly fatherless children. A motherless woman. These tragic murders have rattled a normally calm and peaceful neighborhood. The Blood of Innocents.

These murders have been on the news constantly for the past week, and this is a good thing. As my pastor said, “Evil flourishes in silence.” Evil spreads and strengthens its grip when it is not confronted. Headlines are a weapon that is quite powerful. News keeps eyes open. People are aware. People notice. There is help. People are looking for the culprits.

It is good that the news is following this story. This crime can not go unpunished. A family needs to heal. Families need to heal. Families whose loved ones die anonymously. Families who grieve, but are silenced by where they live. Families who mourn in solitude. These families, too, must have their stories told. We can not allow evil to grow in the silence.

It is my prayer that the Blood of the Innocents killed on Lakewood Avenue will not be spilled in vain, but will mix with the Blood of the Innocent Price of Peace and help to bring awareness and justice for ALL those whose blood is shed.

The Blood of Innocence has been shed, let us work to stop the flow.


One thought on “Blood of Innocence I just moved to the Andersonvi…

  1. Carol says:

    Thank you for this thoughtful perspective. At ECRA (the gathering for Edgewater clergy) this week we talked at length about the Lefkow murders, and a similar point was brought up. There are so many who die by violence in our city and no one notices. Their lives are just as precious. Their loved ones are just as devastated by the loss. The practice of “Ceasefire” which is active in some neighborhoods is to immediately go to the scene of any violent death to pray, to draw attention, to say “this life mattered, this death matters to us all.”

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