Organized Democrats? (This is a comment for Cliff…

Organized Democrats?

(This is a comment for Cliff’s blog…. As usual I stayed from the topic, but believe this a viable if incoherent post.)

With the near imminent election of Howard Dean to the DNC Chair I think notice has been given to the Beltway Dems who have run the party since the inception of the DLC. The grassroots of the party are firing up, and I think Dean, while not my choice for pres, will make a…(God forgive me for saying this)…Rove like leader that the Dems need. Someone who understands how the grassroots works. Can appeal to the base of the party. The DLC has too long tried to be Republican Light (not all, but most). That hasn’t worked. See the congressional seats lost, the 2 failed presidential campaigns. Dean and Reid (I am a still a little leery of Pelosi) “get it” and will get the grassroots moving.

Dean won the chair of the DNC the old fashioned way. Grassroots. There was a massive anyone but Dean campaigning put on by the DLC and the other Beltway Babies, but through grassroots organizing and old-school door knocking and phone calling Dean won his way into leadership.

As for the anyone but Dean, I think the Good Doctor learned a valuable lesson…that kind of message can not win a campaign. Focusing on issues (that he has promised to let the Democratic congressional leadership determine), making people a part of the system…damn his slogan is “You have the power”…decentralizing the national party and focusing on the state parties (allowing them to build viable candidates) and then facilitating communication between them…that is what wins elections.

Reid has been working hard to unite Senate Democrats. This is working. The whole idea is to make sure that in a system where the majority party holds all the power, there is strength to our checks and balances system. Without a united frot this can not happen. Newt Gingrich did the same thing during Clinton’s first term. Look where it got them. Hopefully, this new, fresh batch of Democratic leadership has been taking notes.

Listen to the people…GET IT!


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