A Small Change of Plans

Phil and his Crew
Originally uploaded by CelticWander.

Earlier in December I mentioned that my cousin was on his way to Iraq. (That is him in the middle with the green coat and brown pants). Well, if you heard Sec. of State Powell on Meet the Press this weekend he mentioned that there are some Carrier groups and Amphibious groups heading to SE Asia to help with the Tsunami relief. Well, Phil is part of the Amphibious group. He navigates a hover craft…I have seen pictures of this thing…it ain’t no swamp buggy.


Phil seems a bit more aprehensive about doing this than going to Iraq. In Iraq they know what they are facing. Here it is still unknown. Earlier last week he got injected with a bunch of stuff. Also, apparently where they are going is littered with unmarked mine fields and stuff.

Please continue to pray for peace and the victims of the tsunami. Also for those sent to help aid the victims.


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