Sorry to Do This But this pisses me off. Some …

Sorry to Do This

But this pisses me off. Some of our Red State Moralists are suggesting we KILL Kevin Sites for breaking the video of the soldier killing an unarmed Iraqi.

Please know I hold no judgement against the soldier, what with the possibility that the body may have been booby trapped and such. This is not a post about that situation. It is being investigated via the process.

This is a post about some of the right out hatred espoused by some of the “moral” red staters. They claim moral superority, but say things like:

Turn Sites over to the terrorist.


No need for anything overt. Unfortunate things happen in combat zones, and if the reporter fails to hear someone yell “Sniper!!”, well, c’est la guerre.


It better charge Sites, that treasonous bastard!


He should be charged as a traitor — the government should make an example of him

Also, these are the same people who said this about Elizabeth Edwards cancer diagnosis (many were gracious, but there was plenty of scat spued):

If I were a doctor, I’d be frightened to treat the wife of a guy who sues doctors for a living.


any doctor here who treats her should have his head examined.


I wonder if she will be able to find a doctor with enough malpractice insurance in case hubby decides to sue over something

I know there is plenty of hypocrasy on both sides (I call things out on sites I frequent when I see hypocrasy), but for crying out loud, wishing death on people because they do not hold you views…damn! That is moral in my book.


One thought on “Sorry to Do This But this pisses me off. Some …

  1. Larry Kamphausen says:

    What is actually more disturbing is the appearant reason for this hatred: the assumption that the military should come under no public scrutiny whatsoever. According to most of the coments you linked to, we should simply trust that all actions of military and military personel are appropriate and that it is unpatriotic to think otherwise.
    Now, I don’t think the reverse is true that individual soldiers are horible human beings.
    However, either we simply abadone all pretense that Geneva Conventions should govern us and therefore allow for scrutiny by the press or admit war (even justified war) to be what it is the obliteration of the enemy without consideration of the enemy’s humanity.
    War causes human beings (even good human beings) to do things they do not do in normal life. Either we truely seek to limit the unacceptable aspects of war or we do not. Don’t talk as if war’s horrid aspects should be limited and then criticize a journalist for exposing those horendous actions. Yes, hypocrisy but it goes beyond hate hidding as patriotism.

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