And Now … Something Completely Different Last…

And Now … Something Completely Different

Last night Brother Tripp was ordained into the ministry of the Church. It was an amazingly beautiful service. There was music, preachifyin, cryin, and huggin. Trevor preached a very nice sermon. Brother Larry has some musings about it. I have to admit from the choir loft where I was sitting it was a bit difficult to hear some parts of it. But what I want to talk about is the what moved me most of all.

One thing I have noticed during my spiritual journey is a lack of acknowledgemet of one third of the Holy Trinity. All to often Hymns are cut short before the verse about this part, or prayers neglect acknowledgement of this part. I am speaking of the Holy Spirit. The guide for the Church.

Last nigh may have made up for that. Last night I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit more than I have in my entire life. There was a peace in the sanctuary that is all too oftern missing. I think some of that was the due to the fact that the Church Universal was represented by the presence of so many. American Baptist, United Church of Christ, Evangelical Covenant, Roman Catholic, Episcopal Churches USA, and I am sure I am missing some. The Church Universal was guided by the Holy Spirit to bring Brother Tripp into the minisry of the Gospel. The Holy Spirit moved aside lingering dissagreements, brought us together. Moved at least my soul.

It is my prayer that The Holy Sprit thought the Grace of the Father and Blood and Resurrection of Jesus the Christ lead Tripp in his journey and the Church Universal in her continued reconcilliation.


Come Holy Sprit


One thought on “And Now … Something Completely Different Last…

  1. Larry Kamphausen says:

    Yes, I sensed this as well. It was incredible to see the various denominations represented.
    It was an incredible time.

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