The Revolution Starts Now No matter who wins. …

The Revolution Starts Now

No matter who wins. The networks are calling Ohio, but the AP has not. I will wait.

No matter what, the revolution is beginning here, now.

I have thought for a while about how best to go about my political life. What works and what does not. Below is a mini maifesto/platform for the new Progressive Democrat party.

1. We will make sure everyone who need help will get it. No matter their situation they will get what they need. Too many people struggle with too little help. Healthcare will be provided for those who can not afford it. Job training will be provided for those who need it. We will look at The New Deal as an example.

2. War is not just. War will be used only if all options have failed. The Bush Doctine will be abolished. Diplomacy will be the norm. Minds are always more powerful than bombs. Look at the end of communism in the Eastern Bloc.

3. Responsible spending will be the norm. Citizens are penelized when they overspend on their credit, government should face the same repercussions. We will spend what we can with what we have. The deficit should not grow.

4. Pro-Life, but not Anti-Choice. Roe v. Wade should stand. No attempt will be made to reverse it. Abortions will happen. It is better that they be safe and regulated as opposed not.

5. Marriage is an issue betweent 2 people and thier god. All unions will be recognized as civil unions.

These are a couple issues. More to come


2 thoughts on “The Revolution Starts Now No matter who wins. …

  1. Wayne says:


    In reading your manifesto, I find that some things cannot co-exist. First, I would not look at the New Deal as a model if you are looking to responsible spending. Like it our not, many of the New Deal programs that Democrats hold near and dear to their hearts would never have come about if it were not for the Great Depression. History views FDR as great man, but he was made great by history and circumstances. By creating his Alphabet Soup of government agencies, he was putting people to work and pump-priming the economy. Much in the same way that Bush’s deficit spending has spurred the job growth of the last couple of years.

    After 20+ U.N. resolutions, I think the world had run out of options on Iraq–even John Kerry agreed with that. It is sad that so many feel that being proactive in securing our safety is a bad thing. No Commader-in-Chief wants to send young men and women to the fields of war. However, that comes with the office. Geoerge Bush had the support of the U.S. Congress, which had the same intelligence as did the CIA , NSA, and Joints Chiefs. The man at the top is always the easiest target.

    I am in spot-on agreement with points four and five. I vote for George Bush, but the reasons are those I outlined above–for matters of national security and economics. I disagree with most of Bush’s social policies, mainly the need for a Constitutional amendment banning ganning marriage and an overturning of Roe v. Wade.

    While you will disagree with me on many issue of politics, and I with you, I hope this country will always allow for this free exchange of conflicting ideas. And hopefully those of us on opposite sides of the political spectrum can come together to make this country what it can and should be.

    Wayne A. Thorp, CFA

  2. Justin says:

    Thanks for the comments Wayne.

    Please note that I wrote this at 1:15 a.m.

    I appreciate your comments, and I am aware that the New Deal was the epotime of deficit spending. What I meant by looking at the New Deal was looking at the innovations that it led to. Any major thing like that should take time and be done responsibly.

    My statements about the war come from my religious beliefs. I realize about resolutions and yada yada, but I really believe that things can be solved with by means other than those that were used in Iraq.

    As for your last paragraph. 100%.

    We should be strong in our convictions, but also be willing to listen to the other side and work together to find a common ground that will work.


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