Joe Trippi’s Drinking Game Joe Trippi over at H…

Joe Trippi’s Drinking Game

Joe Trippi over at Hardblogger.com has an idea for a drinking game that hopefully will not come to pass if the Cards win tonight. Here is his post:

OK, I know I can’t do justice to this subject. But I am dropping all pretenses to political correctness and starting a new drinking game. If the Houston Astros win the National League title tonight – then from that point on every time a political pundit or talking head uses a baseball analogy to describe the race between George Bush and John Kerry we all have to take another sip of our favorite drink.

If the Astros win tonight, my guess is that within days the whole Bush/Texas/Astro vs. Kerry, Boston, Red Sox thing will be so overdone, that its almost enough to get me to root for St. Louis to make sure we don’t have to endure day in and day out baseball analogies of the Presidential campaign.

And I just want to make it clear that I see no analogy at all between Howard Dean and the Yankees leading all year long – both seemingly unstoppable – suddenly being overtaken by the back from the dead Kerry campaign and Boston Red Sox. None at all.

And besides I am a Roger Clemens fan so I’ll be rooting for the Astros — and if they win, cringing with you as we all suffer through lame baseball analogy after lame baseball analogy of the Presidential campaign.

My only solace, my new drinking game – my problem? – my favorite drink is diet-Pepsi.


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