Tucker Carlson is a Big Baby Don’t know if you …

Tucker Carlson is a Big Baby

Don’t know if you all have heard about the incident on Crossfire the other day. Jon Stewart was a guest and he punked out the hosts. And now Carlson is crying foul. Dude…you can’t handle the truth.

Here is a link to the clip from the show. What do you think? Was Stewart right, or does Carlson have a legit gripe?


4 thoughts on “Tucker Carlson is a Big Baby Don’t know if you …

  1. Benedict Seraphim says:


    [Warning. You may faint over dead. Please, for your own safety, sit down.]

    I thought Jon Stewart was dead on. We don’t get any objective media of the candidates. Air America. Rush Limbaugh. CBS. Fox. It’s all partisan. I just with they all would admit it. “We’re Air America and we’re for John Kerry.” “We’re Fox and we’re for Bush.”

  2. Justin says:


    See, folks, we agree on somethings.

    What I loved it that the audience seemed to be on Stewart’s side.

    What does it say when the most fair and balanced news is a fake news program?

  3. Larry Kamphausen says:

    It means we’re screwed. Let’s face it the audience might have been with Stewart, but it was the audience of Crossfire. Americans watch this shit. If no one watched they woudn’t exist.
    Last I checked we are the only ones to blame for what we see on TV, or what have you. No advertiser is going to spend money on show that no one watches. A newspaper that no one reads isn’t going to be in existence for very long. In general we consume everything without discrimination or judgement and then we blame others for our problems. When everyone applauds irony and satire and everything remains the same either people are too stupid to recognise satire or they don’t really care and just want a good laugh. Either way its bad news for a (supposed) democracy.
    That’s my pesimistic note for the day. Just one of those days where I have very little faith in my fellow human beings.

  4. The AngloBaptist says:

    I am at a connection where watching a video is tough, suffice it to say that if the three of you agree on something than I am convinced you are right. It must be true. It must be real. It must be a teleological revelation!

    Has anyone seen a seven-headed dragon of late?

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