3 AM Debate Response I figure if I post now I c…

3 AM Debate Response

I figure if I post now I can beat Cliff.

I watched the debate tonight, and I have to say the winners were the audience. They asked some great questions. In all honesty I think tonight did more to motivate the base to get out and vote. I don’t think many undecideds were swayed by tonight. I personally though John Kerry was fantastic tonight. He was not afraid of being liberal. Of caring for the poor and less fortunate. I was afraid Pres. Bush was going to pull a Yosemite Sam at any moment and fly off the handle bar with both guns blazing…kind of scary.

But overall I think tonight may end up being a draw amongst the undecideds, but I think both sides really motivated their bases.


2 thoughts on “3 AM Debate Response I figure if I post now I c…

  1. Benedict Seraphim says:

    Well, Justin, you did beat me. (I laughed out loud at that.)

    I agree with you 100%–the audience asked some great questions. Bully for them.

    Our views of the candidates are interesting Rohrshach tests, no? You see JFK talking about the poor and the gov’t helping them, and I just yawn. That’s for churches and private citizens to do, not the guhvmunt, and it worked a whole lot better before the Great Society came into existence. Not perfect, but better.

    I’m beginning to distrust Bush’s faith-based efforts, not because I don’t want to see the churches more involved in that, but when you give government oversight to a religious body you’re treading into First Amendment infringements.

  2. Justin says:


    I posted after a night out…i guess several pints make me want to post.

    I agree with your 2nd point about the Faith Based stuff having the potential 1st amendment infringments.

    I understand the logic behind your statement about private citizens and religious institutiosn taking care of the poor. But I have to ask how you would know if things were better before the great society initiaves, how old are you? 😉

    You need to look at how the structure of the country has changed over the last 100 years. Shoot, the last 50 years. We have grown from a farming community based society to a more urban city, industrial community. The ideal of the citizens taking care of each other comes from the first ideal. It still is that way in the smaller communites, but in the cities and people are busy struggling trying to just get their ends met. I firmly believe that government’s main job is to make sure everyone in our society has opportunities to make it on their own.

    I know this is rambling…an example of govt. helping people and how it is run…

    WIC in Chicago. There are 16+ WIC food centers. You are fimiliar with WIC, so I won’t get into what it is. But the fed govt , thorugh HHS, gives money to the states to administer WIC. In IL DHS runs it. But, DHS has contracted with Catholic Charaties in Chicago to open Centers that only distiribte WIC approved items.

    I think WIC is a great example of how govt. works when it works well. These kinds of programs is what the Govt. does. Needs to do.

    incohearent rambling done

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