Dreams I normally do not remember my dreams, bu…


I normally do not remember my dreams, but the one I had last night was intersting. Not only was it a very narrative dream, but it continued after I dozed off after hitting the snooze alaram…twice.

It was a very simple dream (almost the begining part of a movie):

I get off an airplane in the middle of the Czech Republic. I get my back pack back from the customs and everythis is gone. It is empty except for what looked like one of 2 books I own (either The Motorcycle Diaries by Che Guevara or Spiritual Direction and Meditation by Thomas Merton). So, I wader around this town and and find a store to get clothing and stuff, but I have to steal a t-shirt and underware because I have no money. I meet an ex-pat girl (UK or US not sure…she never spoke), but I followed her out of the store and down a country road. She goes into a house, but I don’t follow. A truck arrives and I hitch a ride to Prague. In the truck I meet a guy who becomes my traveling companion.

Once in Prague we wander looking for a place to crash. We have no money, so hostels are out. We meet an old couple who invite us to stay with them. We follow them to their white stucco house and have a meal together. I don’t remember the specifics of any of the conversations, but they were quite cordial.

Then woke up. I actually hope this dream continues. It was quite pleasent.


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