As Only He Can Do Dr. Cornel West is a regular …

As Only He Can Do

Dr. Cornel West is a regular contribitor to The Tavis Smiley Show on NPR.

They were talking about race and religion, and how it seems the adage of high noon on Sunday being the most segregated time in America is becoming less and less true. But that led to the mention of maybe this may not always be best because some of the multi racial mega churches loose the essence of the gospel. Dr. West closed with the following statement (slightly paraphrased since I took it straight from the radio, but upon multiple playbacks I think I have it):

I’d rather have segregated churches with a genuine gospel being preached, than a multi-racial church where the blood of the cross is turned into kool-aid.


Here is a link of the show…you need to scroll down to the story called Roll of Black Churches and the White Hose Race.


After re-reading this post and Tripp’s comment I realized that I have taken the quote a bit out of context, for which I apologize. In my haste to get the quote online I did something that drives me nuts, posted a quote without adequate context.

While the comments are hard to swallow, I think that is because there may be a grain of truth. The quote was preceeded by a discusion of how some churches loose focus of the gospel and spend all their time worrying about growth. By focusing on growth instead of the gospel a disservice is being committed.

Please understand that Dr. West was not saying churches should be segregated…not at all. Rather that it is better that a church be true to the gospel and not the ledger book.

I know that is still unclear, please listen to the story linked above…it is really good.


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