Ladies, Pay Attention. Ladies, please tell you …

Ladies, Pay Attention.

Ladies, please tell you husbands, boyfriends, and fiancés when you buy things from a baby store and have it shipped to your house.

Be ye warned, below is a tale of terror.

Yesterday, a friend of my got home from work and there was a package on his stoop. He thought it a tad unusual, but took it into the house, and opened the wrapper as it was addressed to the Finkle family (names changed to protect the victims). Upon opening of said package all blood rushed from the head of Bob, my bud. He almost peed his pants from fear. On the label of the box was the following:

Congratulation to the expectant mother, Lisa Finkle.

Well, needless to say, this is the first Bob had heard of the impending arrival of a little Finkle.

Hours later and a half bottle of Gentleman Jack later, Lisa comes home…


“Hi, How are you?”



“Do you have something to tell me?”


“Something else?”

“How was your day?”

“What about this?” (Shaking…handing the box to Lisa)

“Oh, good it came. It is something for Sarah’s Shower.”


“It’s for Sarah’s shower.”

“But?! The Note…It…um…”

“I had to put my name on a mailing list…”

“You mean…um…”

(Laughing evilly and uncontrollably) “You thought…HA.”

“I love you!”

So ladies, if you sign up for a baby shower gift and you don’t want a puddle of pee in the front room, please tell your guys.



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