Throwing Stones My brother posted this on his b…

Throwing Stones

My brother posted this on his blog. Check it out.

It brings up an interesting point. If you are going to throw stones, be prepared to be hit back. I am a sinner and know that and ask for forgiveness daily. But the sanctimonious people who use religion as a defense of marriage had better look at themselves in the mirror.

Jesus preached against divorce did he not? Well, almost all of the people posted on Josh’s blog are guilty of it, and most of adultery. If you are going to preach about the holiness of marriage, you better have a clean slate.

So, If you are going to bring religion into the mix of the sanctity of marriage, you better be ready to be hit with some of your own stones.

And now, a segue.

I was going to post this yesterday, but never got around to it.

I think I have mentioned before that I believe the State has no place in defining what marriage is. I think that is the Church’s place. The State has a responsibility for declaring civil unions. The Church has the responsibility of blessing those unions.

I think what is done in some European countries would do well here. You have a civil union that is then blessed by the Church.

Thus, the civil union is recognized by the State as a binding contract and the blessing of the Church is the blessing of the union.

In the U.S. one of those steps is not necessary, because the clergy also serve as an agent of the State (a little odd?), but alas, couples are still obligated to sign the marriage contract that is held in a State office.

Rambling a bit, I know, but I needed to get that out.


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