McCain as V.P. There has been a lot of chatter…

McCain as V.P.

There has been a lot of chatter about John Kerry possibly picking Sen. John McCain for his vice-presidential running mate. Pundits have been bandying this about for months. Sen. McCain has denied interest, and Sen. Kerry on Imus in the Morning yesterday stated that he would like McCain for Secretary of Defense.

I think this would be a better option than having him as vice-president (although his hawkish ways are too far right for my tastes).

The reason I would not like to see Sen. McCain as vice president is a very simple and partisan one. He is a Republican. Plain and simple. He has stated that he would not switch parties, and even if he did I don’t believe ideologies really would have been changed.

You see, the pundits seem to have forgotten a major job the vice-president has, and that is being the tie breaking vote in the senate. Yup. President Kerry has a ground breaking bill approved by the house guaranteeing fair and balanced health care for every single one of us. The bill is now a full count in the bottom of the ninth with a tie game in the senate 50-50, remember if this passes you can go to the doctor of your choice and note go broke. The vote comes down to Vice-President McCain, a life long Republican, votes no because of ideological beliefs.

You see, the hypothetical situation above is exactly why Sen. Kerry should not have Sen. McCain as a vice-president. I am all for bipartisan cooperation in committee work of bills, but when it comes down to one vote I want someone on the good guy’s side casting the vote. And, believe me I would be saying the same thing if I were a Republican and my candidate was considering a Democrat for Veep.


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