What a long strange trip Holy Cow! I am back! …

What a long strange trip

Holy Cow! I am back!

It has been a crazy last couple of weeks.

You see, I had a show open this weekend, and have been living in the perfromace space for the past week.

The show is Godspell, and the space is North Shore Baptist Church. This has been one of the best learning experiences of my life. I have plenty experience directing plays and none doing musicals. This is a musical. Let me just say, I learned the necessity of time management. We spent a lot of time working on music and dancing, and less time on acting. This led to some some fustrating momnets. But, it is amazing how well everyone worked. The show is about buliding a community of love. That means helping each other out, and that is exactly what happened. Everyone kept the ball in the air. I am truly grateful to everyone involved in the show. For all turned out beautifully.

We run for the next two weeks at NSBC, 5244 N. Lakewood at 7:30.

In other news, Mae and I made a decision to have Tripp and Pastor Bob marry us. We asked them at Leo and Sherry’s wedding. It will be cool. Both of these guys are amazing. Twill be fun.

My tummy is still full. Pastor’s Doug and Carol took the cast and crew to Andie’s last night…mmmm. Medetranian Buffet.

Peace kids


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