Prayers Hey gang. Could you please keep a coup…


Hey gang. Could you please keep a couple of people in you prayers. I got an email from my mom today asking for the help. “Sam” is a friend of mine with cerebral palsy. It is because of him the the western states on the map are filled in. Between my freshman and sophmore year of college I assisted him on a trip out west to visit family. He is an amazing guy. He worked with an architect and co-designed his own handicapped accesable duplex. He has a master in library science degree and works at the Illinois State Library. He is a great guy.

“Susan” is a friend of my mom’s. I don’t know her to well, but she is going through a rough time.

Here is what my mom sent me:

“Remember ‘Sam’ in your prayers. I understood on Wed. night he had pneumonia, but its worse than that. Judi was telling us at circle yesterday he had gotten choked at home and it severely damaged the flap on his esophagus. To the point that at one time they thought they would have to insert a permanent feeding tube-which depressed him greatly. It seems to be starting to improve, so that may not happen now. Hope not. Poor guy, he’s pretty coragious from the get go.

Also, remember ‘Susan’. She was in the hospital last week in the Psyc. unit. They were trying to wean her off one of her meds that with shock therapy could cause a stroke. She is to go back in sometime this week and will have to have either 6-8 treatments. She has gotten really bad since Jim’s cancer treatment. The Drs. feared suicide. She told me she sometimes just doesn’t want to go on. Shes such a nice person to have such a serious problem.”

Thanks kids.


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