On The Road, or Travel’s with Homer First of al…

On The Road, or Travel’s with Homer

First of all, I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. Mine was great.

Monday 12/22/03

Arrive at Harrison Street Greyhound Station. Way early. Oh well, that is travel paranoia me.

Meet Mark. An actor from St. Paul. We share a seat to Milwaukee. Over half the bus departs at Milwaukee, I bid Mark adeau and take over my own row of seat. This pleasure continues for th next 7 and one half hours as I make my way to Rochester, MN. Land of ‘The Brain’.

Nothing of real excitment happens on the bus. No Carnies. No Drunks. Listened to a sad story from the people behind me…eaves dropping. Let us just say that domestic abuses are even more painful during holidays.

Hightened travel alert. Means zilch, except for LaCrosse Wisconsin of all places. They had what was either the local high school ROTC or the local National Guard at their bus station.

Hopped over the mighty muddy Mississippi. Instant snow….WEIRD.

Arrived in Rochester safely and all body parts intact at 7.15 pm. Ms. Mae is there to pick up this ragged soul.

We begin the 30 minute treck to Spring Valley Minnesota. With stops at Andy’s Liquor to get a bottle of wine for her Grandparents, and Fleet Farm for a gift for her dad.

Safe arrival in SV.

Lots of stars in the middle on nowhere. Absolutley beautiful. I love the city, but I love the middle of nowhere about as much if not more. No asphault jungle. No go go go. Just space. Air. Breath. Life.

Play pool. Go to Bed.

Tues. 12/23

Do not do much really. Until afternoon, when I finally meet the gaggle of friends I have heard so much about. A rather jovial bunch. Good times and libations we had by all.

Wed. 12/24/03

Finally the night of the begining of the new covenant is here. For unto to us a child is given. Gloria, In exilsis Deo.

Make it through a Lutheran Christmas eve service witout getting strung up. Actually this was less formal that the last one I went to. More of a Carols and Lessons service.

Thurs. 12/25/03

Celebrate the day with Ms. Mae’s family. Have a wonderful time. Meet new folks. See some fimilar faces. Tis a blessing.

At Don and Isabelle’s house I enjoyed the confusion of the children as they passed out gifts, wondering who the new fuzzy guy is. Quite fun.

Friday 12/26/03

On the road, again at 8:00 am sharp. That was weird. And EARLY. Begin the treck from Srping Valley to Springfiled, IL via Iowa. WOW. There is a lot of it. Start by taking route 63 all the way to Waterloo. Just on the other side of a river we join I 380 all the way to Iowa City where we merge onto I-80.

On this section of the trip we managed to exit for some gas, and get behind an 18-wheeler. No big deal, except we are behind it on the off-ramp. And I notice that there is a big sign on the back of the truck saying that it is a truck driving trainee. The poor fellow turns on to the road at the top of the off ramp. Must have popped the clutch or something, because the dern thing stalls. Yep, here we are in Ms. Mae’s mom’s nice Impala on a kind of sharp curvy incline with a stalled semi in front of us. After a few moments of cold sweat he beings moving.

We make it to Springfield unscathed.

We arrive in the Patch about 2:30 and find out that my cousin is in town and dinner is planned for everyond…fantastic.

Dinner at The Fairview is great. Ms. Mae meets my cousin and her family, along with my grandparents cousin.

We share gifts, the three of us, mom, Ms. Mae and me.

Sat. 12/27/03

Sleep. Go to lunch with Mom. Got to the mall to get more toys with gift cards. Go to Movie. Sleep

Sun. 12/28/03

Church. See familiar faces. Have a nice time. Out to lunch with family. Nap. Dinner. The road to chicago.

1,011 miles total.

That was my tripp and experinece.

Peace to all


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