I have returned. After a bit of a hiatus I a…

I have returned.

After a bit of a hiatus I am back, and will try to update this thing more regularly. I just have not been inspired.

But some recent happenings in the news have got me thinking (uh-oh here he goes).

Watching all the depressing and agrivating events of the past week (suicide bombings, mortar attacks, parents drowing childern, etc) got me thinking about a passage in the great book “Once and Future King.” I read this book in highs school, so please bear with me here if my memory is a bit faulty.

General Drift: Merlin and a boy Artuhr are on one of there lessons, and they have become ants. While they are ants, Arthur notices that they will randomly attack each other. Merlin note that besides fire ants, the only animals that kill each other for no good reason (self-defense, etc) are humans.

So that has me thinking.

Humans are supposed to be suprieor to the other animals, and yet we disrespect each other with such malice that I have a hard time buying that. If humans are superior, why is there so much hate between different races, creeds, neighbors, families? I belive in the existance of evil, but sometime I get so upset at its growth that I want to give up.

Several times a day, I want to break down and talk some sense into people. I have my heart broken daily, because I can not put some change in the guys cup. I am moved to tears when I read articles in the paper about mans hatred towards man.

But on the flip side, I am moved to tears of joy by some simple acts of human decency, and I am thankful all…no most humans are not evil. I am thankful when I read of donations to shelters, cooking of meals, reconciliations of families. I rejoice when I hear of people taking care of their sisters.

But we hear more about the bad than the good. Maybe if we here more good, more good will happen.


Another RIP

Senator Paul Simon died. I liked him. He retired before I could vote for him. But he cared for people. In fact he was the only democrat my dad ever mentioned in a quasi postive light.

You were a special man…I respect you.

Peace…I will be back sooner than later.


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