Well, Well, Well I haven’t posted anything late…

Well, Well, Well

I haven’t posted anything lately. So, here goes!!!


Well, they didn’t win. Oh well. Yeah, it stinks. Yeah, they choked. You can’t say they didn’t…up 3 games to 1, and they lost it. They choked anyway you look at it. But they had a Tremendous season. Can anyone debate that?

I am glad they choked. This would have been a Cinderella year. The could have won the rings, but then what? Now, they have a fire in their guts. They know what it is like to be almost there. They will want it more than ever next year. My only armchair managment issues are that they need to get some relife pitcher that can save games. And Sammy needs to go.

I like Sammy. He is a good player, but the team is young. The don’t neeed the distraction of a “superstar” player. They need to be a team…not Sammy and the Cubs, but rather just The Cubs. One of their best winning streaks was when Sammy was out in June. Look at it this way…How many rings does Barry Bonds have…0. Look at the teams who have won the rings in past years…is there a “superstar” among them. Not that I can think of.

The Dream Teams Bulls did the same thing. They were together for a few years before they started winning rings. The 2 or 3 seasons before the run began they got their butts kicked in the playoffs….with the same team that won the 6 rings.

My prediction…The Cubs with have 4 rings over the next 8 years. They have a fire now. They want it. Go Cubs.

(Please note: this all has been written by a Cardnial fan)


What can I say? The democratic process has officially been put on a downward spiral. The bitter Republicans have bought another election. Gray Davis was RE-ELECTED by the people.

OK…My beef is with the whole idea of recall to begin with. It makes a farce out of our entire process. What is the point of electing officials if you can recall them on a whim? All elected officials should serve their entire term, unless some major crime or treason has been committed. We, the people, need to learn that when you vote for someone, it is your voice that has been heard. If they are goofs, then there is nobody to blame but youself. You just need to wait till next time to fix the problem. By recalling you turn the process on its ear.

Other News

I am currently working on Soul of A Whore at the Viaduct Theatre. It is a really cool show. Once I get run dates. I will let you know.



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