Oh To Be Me After Mae wrote her statement of be…

Oh To Be Me

After Mae wrote her statement of belief, and Jane Ellen and I have been talking about Baptists, Tripp is always conjecturing, and Cliff philosophizing; I guess it is my turn to say what I believe … for now. Tomorrow it will probably be totally different. But let today speak for today!

I believe in love. Love is the thing that connects us to each other. Love is that pain you get in your gut when you see someone hurting. Love is a gift everyone has, but many are afraid to show. Love is painful. Love is uplifting. Love is…

I believe in grace. Grace is a gift one receives and gives. Grace is that thing you extend to the bully who beat you up in 5th grade. Grace is forgiveness. Grace is freely given. Grace is not cheap. Once you receive grace you must work at extending that grace.

God is the creator Spirit who gives us these. God is the one who gave us free will. God is the ultimate expression of Grace and Love. God weeps. God laughs. God is among us. God is with the one who can not find love. God is with the ones who can not receive grace. God live with them. God is them. God is mom. God is dad. God is here.

Jesus is Godís Earthly manifestation. Jesus lives among us. Jesus was a man. Jesus is God. Jesus healed those who hurt. Jesus grieved with those who grieve. Jesus loved. Jesus angered. Jesus brought peace to those who needed it most. Jesus’ death was for us. Jesusí pain was for us. Jesusí resurrection was for us. God did not need to prove his love. We needed him to prove it. Our culture of violence demanded a blood sacrifice to prove this love. Through Jesus we receive Godís grace and love.

The Spirit is Godís eternal presence on Earth. The Spirit is what some may call conscience. The Spirit is fire. The Spirit is water. The Spirit is Earth. The Spirit is the power of the moving river. The Spirit is the mother nursing a child. The Spirit is God on Earth.

The Word is divinely inspired writings. The Word is words of wise men. The Word is past. The Word is present. The Word is changing. The Word is a gift of The Spirit. The Spirit is God on Earth. The Word never closes. The Word heals.

The Church is the body of believers. The Church is many people. The Church is not the church. All are part of The Church. the church is where members of The Church go to worship. The Church is open. The Church welcomes. The Church holds us accountable. the church is held accountable. The Church loves.

I believe these may be expressed in different ways. I believe that The Spirit works in its time and its way. I believe I could be wrong. I believe I may be right. I understand what I do, and I let The Spirit lead me.

There…that is it. hmmmm.


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