A Test So Mae had to take a strength assesment …

A Test

So Mae had to take a strength assesment test for seminary. I took a different one…here are my resulte…what do you think?

Very Easygoing: DRIVE: Takes commitments and responsibilities seriously, though is not upset if things change. Able to set tasks aside. May occasionally struggle with follow-through. Can work hard when required to do so. Generally achievement oriented. ORGANIZATION: Low emphasis on organization. Not one for planning or keeping schedules. Work area likely to be cluttered. Not always disciplined.

Private: Generally quiet and focused inward. Restrained; prefers to be in the background. Probably a better listener than talker. Actions are usually careful and well thought-out. SOCIABILITY: Prefers solitude. Sometimes difficult to engage in conversation. Will usually need time alone to recharge after being with others.

Critical/Agreeable Blend: Makes an effort to be cooperative in social settings. Not overly concerned with getting along. Is able to work for the benefit of the group. EMPATHY: Modest concern for the feelings and problems of others. Can seem uncaring or unsympathetic. TRUST: Usually accepts people on good faith as trustworthy. Doesn’t hold a grudge.

Very Resilient: Relaxed and even-tempered. Unflappable. Thick-skinned, quick to bounce back. Confident and able to effectively deal with adversity. Shows good self-composure. ANXIETY: Usually handles pressure well. Seldom worries. MOOD: Not easily frustrated and generally even keeled.

Very Inquisitive: Curious. Seeks new experiences. Likely to have an unconventional approach to life. Enjoys intellectual discussion. Considers all aspects an issue before reaching a conclusion. CREATIVITY: Is quite original, creative and enjoys breaking new ground.


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