Josh’s Answers 1. What do you think about pean…

Josh’s Answers

1. What do you think about peanuts?

Next to beer, I think that peanuts are one of mans best friends. They are able to be consumed for all occasions. Parites, baseball games, everyday snacking. One of the greatest parts of peanuts are their near realative, peanut butter. I could go through a gallon of that a week. Thatís all I have to say about that.

2. What made you and Sarah decide to move to Louisville, as opposed to Chatanooga?

sarah and i had been looking at moving to atlanta, birmingham, chattanooga or louisville. at first we had chosen chattanooga for the simple fact that we couldn’t really decide and that it was inthe middle of each city we wanted to live in. we started to get to thinking about our family and what would be best for us. we wanted to move out of springfield, but still be close enough to home to get there quick if we had to. at the time i was thinking about going to seminary and there is a really good one in louisville. sarah was thinking and still is wanting to go to dental school. u of l in louisville has one of the best dental schools in the country.

3. Beging a Civil War buff, what part of it intrigues you the most, and why?

I think that some of the most intriguing parts of the civil war are related to the men who faught it. In the North it was mainly regular average guy who wanted to join the military to see the country and have something to do. Work wasn’t good in that time, and if you found work you didn’t get paid much for it. The army gave you a chance to see the country and get paid for it. In the South it was men and boys who joined the military because their homeland was being invaded by an enemy. The Federal Army wanted to have all of the confederate states succeed to the union and pay taxes like them. The south wanted no part of that and like the way their “country” was being run. Boys all the way up to old men faught for the confederacy to protect their way of life as they knew it and didn’t want any part with the union. on another note, not all men hated the people they were fighting. for the most part before every battle men from both armies would meet in a deserted area and trade with each other smoke together, even drink with each other. before the battle would start they would all wish each other good luck before the big battle.

4. During you 1st job at Dairy Queen, did you have to turn any Blizzards upside down, and did any spill…what is your most emarrasing sales experience?

Ha Ha, Oh yes, Dairy Queen, my first lovely job. I worked there in the summer of 1994 in the heat of Illinois weather. I made many blizzards there that summer and I can only remember that I turned a few blizzards upside down. I think that I did this most when I first started there and wanted to see if it would really work, and it did!

My most embarrassing moment was when I was making a blizzard for somebody and I needed to clean off the blizzard maker. We turned it on very slowly and used a towel to clean up and down the metal spinner of the mixer. I was cleaning it trying to look all cool because I had done it several times before that, but this was a different day. I was cleaning it and then all of the sudden the towel gets caught up in the mixer and pulls me toward it and almost gets my hand caught in there. To me that was pretty damn embarrassing.

5. What is the secert to bieng a good clothing salesman?

Ahhh, the secrets which every good salesperson would like to know. When I started working at a very nice high class suit store, I didnít really know how to sell to anyone over the age of 25. with the help and coaching of a very good friend, John Alt, I was able to accomplish many things while working. First, you much know how to impress the client coming into your store, donít go jump all over them asking what they are looking for as soon as they walk in the door. Greet them and say hi my name is Josh, if you need anything, let me or _________ (fill in whoever is working with you.) Secondly, a good clothing salesman/woman will know the exact or within 1 inch of a persons waist,to already have the clothes out and ready for them while they look around the store. A good trick of the trade for any suit salesman is to know how measuring works. The chest size, for a sport coat is exactly 7 inches bigger than what the waist would be. Lastly, lets say you were working in an urban clothing store, i.e. ìGadzooksî or ìThe Buckleî most of the people wearing urban clothes come to the store once a week in search of a new fit (outfit). The thing to do is to go scope out Foot Locker, or Champs. You go there to find out what the new pair of shoes are. Have in your mind already 2 or 3 outfits to go with that pair of shoes. It never fails, when a new pair of shoes come out, the first place they go is the shoe store and then to a very good urban store to get your Saturday night fit. Thatís all I have to say about that.


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