Back Home (Updated 8/15) 1,100 miles in 4 day…

Back Home (Updated 8/15)

1,100 miles in 4 days ain’t too bad, is it?

I have enjoyed my first vaction in a little over a year. Mae and I went down to Springfield to visit Mom. We spent Friday night there, and EARLY Saturday morning we left for Louisville, KY to visit my baby bro, Josh and his wife, Sarah.

It was a pleasent 5 + hour drive. We stopped for lunch at my favorite restaurant, Cracker Barrel…mmmmmm. Upon our arrival to their very nice place, we chatted for a bit, and then Josh wanted to go to the mall. Which just so happens to be where he used to work (that is him in the picture), and where Sarah currently works. We then had a very nice dinner at a Japanese resturant, where Mae and I indulged in some Sapporo and Sake.

On Sunday we all went to the church they have been attending. Southeast Christian Church. It is one of the Louisville Mega-Churches. It was kind of neat, but lets just suffice it to say that Mae and my theologies didn’t quite get along with some of what was said…we were deffinately in the south. Also, I prefer the more intimate setting of smaller congregations. Anyhoo….that is rant for another time.

After church we had a nice lunch at their house. We then ventured to Churchill Downs, Home of the Kentucky Derby. I loved it. I know next to nothing about betting on horses, but dang I love those animals. Mom, Can I get a Horsey for Christmas? For dinner we went to this great burger joint. And on the way home, we drove by where Josh now works (the parent company for where he used to work).

Monday…wake up and hit (no pun intended) the Louisville Slugger factory and museum…way cool. We then revesed and came back to Springfield…on the way home we drove through my alma mater … Millikin University.

Tuesday, Mae and I tried to go out, but were pooped and came home. Wed…we cam back to Chicago, and went to the Shedd Aquarium. We then took some of her high school kids out to Ed Debevic’s. Twas fun.

That is why I haven’t posted in a while.

Peace to all, and Cliff, Where is the Kid????


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