At it Again Cliff and Tripp are at it again. T…

At it Again

Cliff and Tripp are at it again. This time each has allies.

This concerns me.

As I have mentioned in past blogs, My heart breaks. I know no offence is intended, but the battle that is happening is defeating what is going on at the whole core of the conversation. All sides agree that Christ is the center of the church. Good. That is what is important. That is IT. This all started because Megan (who I gather is seeking) had a question. And now a damned battle is going on, and proving exactly what I see her problem with the church to be.

We are people of Christ, are we not? Followers. Disciples. Children. ALL of us. Huh? I love all parties involved in this, and I do not want to pick sides, because I should not have to…and I won’t. It is stupid. How in the world can we witness the Love of Christ when we are fickin bickering like a bunch of babies? Mine is better that yours is. Plah!

Piss on that.

All of us have a responsibilty, as Christians, to follow Christ. Maybe that is different to different folks…GOOD. We have gifts, all of us, and those are from God. Let’s use them.

Cliff, your intellect is amazing. You will certainly connect and spread God’s love with other. Tripp, your vunerability and honesty is what makes you special–youare able to connect with those who have been tossed to the way side. Mae, your sense of compassion and joy are able bring much needed joy to the kids you work with. Sherry, your sense of justice rights the wrongs. Leo, you have insights into urban life that most of us can not touch.

That is the Church in my opinion. Right there. All of us, using what we have to bring God’s love to the world.



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