2 Cents Lately Tripp and Cliff have seemed to b…

2 Cents

Lately Tripp and Cliff have seemed to be having some issues with their faith. Let us keep them in mind during our daily thoughts.

I have notice something these two have in common, though one is more a student of Eastern Orthodox, and the other is a Baptist seminarian in an Episcopolian school. The commonalty is that both of these friends are very intellecutal about things. Analytical. I understand that is the personalities we are dealing with here, and it has its place. But I think this, and I have said this before, intellictualism and over analysis can do more harm than good, as the analysis becomes what they are searching for…instead of letting the result arrive. I understand thier issues, they are what I have dealt with in theatre.

The state (Amenrican) theatre now has a lot to do with the overanalysis and intellectual mumbo-jumbo propogated duing the 1930’s and the birth of the Strasberg method. (My ideas on his stuff is an entirely differnt post…) What has happened with so many American actors is that, a great number, have become so analytical that it has become an extremely self-concious effort. As an audience I don’t want to watch a character think I want to see them do…that is besides the point…not what I am talking about. Anywho, from my own experience in acting, I know that my over analysis and over intellectualizing has caused my connection to the role to become flawed. I get so focused on the whys and hows and what ifs, that I loose the what. Does that make sense? The most pure moments I have had onstage have been those … few … times that every thing but the what has dissappeared.

I think by stopping…even for a moment…thinking about everything else, and just letting the what happen…Tripp and Cliff may have something. The analysis and all that other stuff is good…I am glad I know about Grotowski, Genet, et al, but they are not important in the what of now. There is a fear of veneurability that must be overcome. Believe me. The more open to letting the what happen, the more things seem to make sense. In fact by letting the what happen, all of the other things come together.

I hope my 2 cents help.



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