The Joy of a Child Kind of. Last night I went …

The Joy of a Child

Kind of. Last night I went to WWE Smackdown tapings. Most of you know I am a mark for pro-wrestling. Anyway it was the first time since I was in jr. high that I have been to live matches. I totally forgot how much fun it was. It is like going to an old fashioned melodrama with an updated twist. You cheer the good guys and boo the bad guys. I have to say that these guys and gals are some of the most dedicated performers I know of. Not only do they beat the living hell out of their bodies (wrestling fake — scripted, yes -fake! You take just 1 back bump on ply wood with carpet padding on it, and tell me how fake it is), but they go 100% the entire time they are out there.

Any way to the point. Memories flooded back while I was there. My dad would take my bro and I to the matched whenever the old WWF would come to town. It was a great bonding time. Three guys going nuts over Hulk Hogan, Rick Rude, Jake the Snake, Junk Yard Dog, That is what we did. Loose ourselves in the moment. That is what I love about last night. Dads with their kids, Moms, Grandpa and Grandma. Just having fun. I watched the matches like I did when I was a kidÖwith an ear to ear grin. Thanks Guys and Gals for a great night.


Last nightís show did something else to me. Like I said Dad took Josh and I to the matches. For those of you who donít know, my dad died about 4 Ω years ago from complications with diabetes. So when the memories flooded backÖI got a little teary. Dad was one of those people who, no matter what, could be counted on. For a double peg leg finger missin son of a gun, the guy could go. His determination and joy for life have made me who I am. Before he died he had been ill for the 5 or so years previousÖit got worse maybe 2 year before. But even through the tough times, Dad lived for today, and never bitched or moaned about his setbackÖ

He is the one who gave me my name. He used to be stationed in Key West, Fl while he was in the Navy. Well, in Key Largo there is a church he would go by called St. Justin, Martyr Catholic Church. He liked the name and so it was given. Ha.

For Dad — love you and miss you, and say thank you. Oh yeah — ìWatcha gonna do, [Daddy], when Hulkamaina runs wild on you?!î


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