Amen Brother As a proud person of Irish ancesto…

Amen Brother

As a proud person of Irish ancestory all I can say is amen to what Colin Farrell said on msnbc.com:

I get in trouble now and then, and they tell me itís a bad thing, but we Irish boys like to go out and have a good [fuck], you know. And it can be during the week sometimes, and we still do the work, one hundred percent, to the best of our abilities, and our abilities are not diminished by the night before. Itís something thatís inbred, itís part of the [fucking] genes. So that cliche about the Irish is quite true.

Not that weíre a bunch of people that sit in a bar and talk to each other like a bunch of [fucking] morons ó itís not that. We are people who like to have a good time. We like to tell stories, and we like to talk to people. We are quite lyrical and emotional ó another cliche, I suppose. Weíve very proud. As a country and as a people, we want to be great. We donít necessarily need or have to be greater than anyone else. We donít even really concern ourselves with those silly competitions. We just want to be great ourselves.

I donít know what it is. But Iím very grateful I was born where I was born. Our literature, our music. Itís a small land, but itís a land thatís full of passion and full of storytelling and full of music and full of song and full of laughter. Iím so proud of being Irish. No man is an island unto himself, but Ireland is an island unlike any other, a great one to hail from.


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