Hotel Size Soap Box Ok. I know I haven’t blogg…

Hotel Size Soap Box

Ok. I know I haven’t blogged in a while, and you are sick of my rants. BUT, I saw this this morning…and now I share.

So, I was walking up Ontario after getting my morning sausage and egg and diet A&W, and lo and behold the little lady that is supposed to be up on Michigan Ave directing traffic pops up and starts writing a ticket to a car that is getting bags thrown in the trunk in front the Best Western. (wow! beautiful Steinbeckian run on!) Anywho, there is no standing on this section of Ontario in the morning, but I saw the car come around the corner…the wife of the driver was on the side walk with the bags…he stops and pops the trunk. 15 seconds later they are in the car while the little lady is writing a ticket…freakin absurd. Now, what promted me to write this morning is the fact that the little lady should be at Michigan Ave directing traffic. You see, while she was writing the ticket I look up the block and see cabs flying around corners about clipping several pedestrains. Ummmm….a car in the wrong place when there is no traffic on the street or cabs clipping pedestrains and cutting off cars? It irks me a little.

And don’t get me started on cabs.



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