What ever works for you? Once again, or should …

What ever works for you?

Once again, or should I say, still, the fire rages at Tripp’s blog. The debate seems to be whether or not personal experience is important to finding salvation. (Although the blog deals with the identiy of scriptureÖthat is the way I describe it [Tripp. I agree with you assertions]).

Tripp and I seem to be getting raked over the coals, and I am not sure why. First of all, a lot of what I am reading is over my head, but I will still try to throw my 2 cents in.

I think the hang up is some confusion over what I meant in my comment (#12). What I stating was with in the frame that people in the discussion were coming from a common placeÖwe are all Christian.

I have been thinking about how to (yes this is very stream of consciousnessÖtake it or leave it that is how I work) continue with this, and I guess I need to ask a questionÖ.What happens to the tribes in the heart of Africa who have never heard the Gospel? What made the Jews the chosen? What about everyone else? I know these questions seem off topic, but I can not believe that they would be punished for not believing in Christ.

Ok I have talked in circles, and am working things out still. But I guess I donít see the hang up. My prayer is that all experience the Grace of Christ. Be it through church, community, or some way that I can not comprehend.


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