A matter of the Heart O.k. This whole discussio…

A matter of the Heart

O.k. This whole discussion about what is the “true church” or not has gotten to the point where i am utterly confused and befuddled by all of the big words and huge concepts. If I am to understand what is going on right now; Cliff and Tripp are debating how one is to go about creating the church on earth. Cliff is like…coming form a pre-schimatic (ha…big word), and Tripp is coming a Baptist point of view. But what I am seeing is the one common thing … they both say Christ is what the church is built on. Right Oh! So, that being agreed upon…what are the arguing? It looks to me to be more of a debate on what is the right way to worship. Cliff (and this is just myinterpration of what has been written) is saying the only “true” way to worship is by going the more orthodox (eastern) way; and Trip is saying how are we to say what is the right way, and how can we compel others to do it the right way…if there is even a right way.

Now, bieng a Baptist for my entire life, I believe there is no “right” way to worship (worship as your soul determinse…that is not to say the physical church is not important because I beiieve the fellowship of other believers is very important), but rather we need to take a look at the common thing we all share and live in that. We agree the the Church is built with Christ as the center. Well if we look at the description that C\hrist gives us of the body and all of its parts … maybe we can makesome sense out of this.

this is my interpretattion of that passage. Ok. We all agree that Christ is the centre of the church and lets just say that would make Him the heart of this body. It also seems that we all agree and believe in the trinity…So, with that agreement, that makes God the Father the brain and the Holy Spirit the breath. So, now we have the heart, brain, and breath…excellent, but we have no house of these organs. Amd that is where the church on earth comes in. I really believe that each part of the body is important. That is why I believe that each way of worshiping is important to the full mission of the church…to help establish God’s kingdom on earth. Sometimes all of the incense and creeds and ritual do not work. Sometimes the lack of stucture I personally love doesnt work. All of us agree that Christ is the center of the church and that it is up to us to try to make God’s kingdom on earth.

This is kind of why this whole debate has saddened me. If we want to bring the Kingdom to earth…why are we spending this time arguing abouout what is the right way to do it instead of working on makig it happen?



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