Urffff I am so tired right now. For some reaso…


I am so tired right now. For some reason I had the damndest time going to sleep last night. I went to bed at the reasonable hour of 11, every hour there after my eyes opened and I saw the clock had only advanced and hour…finally…i think the last time I looked it was 4:45, and i had to be up a 6:30.

I have no idea why i had trouble sleeping. I feel rightly that I hav That 70’s Show to blame. You see, what I do know is that during the inbetween times, I kept writng episodes in my head. Except I was in Eric’s place and I was Ross (It just occured to me that Ross Foreman is a wrestling journalist…why that name I have no idea.) It was just plain weird.

Anyway. Tripp and Cliffare having an interesing discussion at the conjectural navel gazers site. They are debating the ideas of the Baptist idea of soul freedom v. the Orthodox doctrine (? is that what it is called Cliff?). In my exhausted state I would like to contribute, but I can not stay focused long enough. I will try tomorrow.



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