Stump Speech of Sorts I just read an editorial …

Stump Speech of Sorts

I just read an editorial on msnbc.com about what democrats need to do to win the white house in 2004. I know…this is starting already. I agree with this article, mostly.

The thing I think the democrats must do is not, and has not been mentioned yet. Think about this for a minute…if you were talking to the average person on the street (not the activist or the union man), but the avreage joe or jane, and asked them what the difference between the 2 parties is…i don’t think they could tell you. Maybe I am being arrogant me here (or aa know it all), but I believe that is true. Outside of the “big” issues…that I don’t think are that big, not many people know the difference. The “big” issues are important, but it is the small things that make parties different.

Anyway, bnack to what needs to happen. The democrat party must sepearate itself from the center. There are enough progressives out there that i think this is a valuable and necessary move. You see, as I stated above, we need to disginuish the differences between the 2 parties.

Ok. I am rambling…I know what i want to say, but need to sit down and focus on it. I will be more cohearant later.



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