First Things First The Good Guys are getting so…

First Things First

The Good Guys are getting some main stream attention (from the front page of msnbc.com .

My Turkey Day

Thanksgiving was a good time. nothing like 5 guys trying to cook turkeyday meal…looked like the 3 stooges at times. but it turned out well, and fun.

the cast of characters was:

Mike — the oldest son

John (mike’s real life brother) — the musician…wooden spoons..enough said

Jason — the perpetual napper…

Chris — the perpetual pooper … although his biscuts turned out well…hmmmm?

Me — the lost boy… not really but we havent had one of those yet

Terry (Mikes mom) — the retired VA nurse…and turkey guru (and home made irish cream…mmm)

Jimmy ( Mikes dad) — 11 months until he retires (Viet Nam Vet/Postal Worker) and that is not a joke…perpetual story teller…a good ole boy from the south side of chicago in the 50/60’s …have a feeling he mad LeRoy Brown look like a saint in the day,

Now if that does not seem like the cast from a shakpearean comedy…it isnt. More like the love child of the Marx Brothers and the 3 Stooges.

HMMM… I see $$$ in this



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