Thanks-giving I went down to Springfield to vis…


I went down to Springfield to visit my mom this past weekend. As usual, I went to church with her. Reg, the pastor, told a story that has stuck with me the past week. I will attempt to paraphrase it here:

A letter from a daughter at college to her mother.

Dear Mom,

Sorry it has been a while since I have written you. Things are ok here…that is after the fire at the dorm. You see, I jumped out the window and broke my arm and leg, and after the staph infection at the hospital, I finally made it back to class. Tom across the street saw the fire and called the fire department. Anyway, I since the dorm is no longer there, I have moved into Tom’s place. That is going well. You see, he recently got fired and I am using my loan money to help pay rent. But he says as soon as he gets a new job he will pay me back…that was 6 weeks ago. He got fired because after he called the fire department he came to the dorm to help and ended up getting arrested for interferring with a potential crime scene…he also punched a cop. Oh yeah, I am pregnant and Tom and I plan on getting married at the end of the semester. I will write again soon since I am taking 6 weeks off to have the baby.


your Daughter

P.S. None of that is true, I just thought it would help put the D that I got in Chemistry in perspective.

Perspective. Sometimes I don’t think about giving thanks for the little things. I think that is true with us as a specie. We want someting, and then we get it. What about the little thing that we don’t think of…the pilot light went out and the apartment was freezing last night, thanks for the apartment…the mango is bad, but I have a mango…Gas prices are high, thank you for the job that lets me afford to have a car.

The small things are what life is about. I know I fret about about the grand scheme of things and ofter forget the small things that lead up to the big thing. Thank you for those. Thank you for the fact that I have a shoelace that broke. Thank you for the friends I have. Friends, thank you for just being.

Happy Thanksgiving.



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