"Hamlet" A poem by Boris Pasternak (translated …


A poem by Boris Pasternak (translated by Burton Raffel)

They’re quiet. I mount the stage

Leaning on an open door

I strain at an echo, far off,

Hunting at what the future is for.

The rim of night shines back at me

From a thousand peering glassses.

If you can, Abba, Father,

Let this cup be passed

Away from me. I adore your stubborn plan,

I will smile and read the lines.

But tonight it’s a different script

So excuse me, please, this time.

Yet scene must follow scene, the road

Goes where it goes. I’m alone, everything

Drowns in a pious show:

Life is no casual stroll.


One thought on “"Hamlet" A poem by Boris Pasternak (translated …

  1. Irene says:

    The buzz has faded,
    I’ve lifted on the stage.
    Leaned to curtain, I try to catch in echo –
    What else will happen to this age

    In front of me the gloom of night is spreading
    With thousands lorgnettes in every hand.
    If only it is possible, oh, heaven
    Make me avoid a fate like that!

    I love your plot, Good Lord, which is so stubborn
    And I agree to play my part, no doubt.
    But now you reveal some other drama
    So this is time you have to count me out.

    But schedule is approved, there is no chance to sidestep
    The end of way. I’m standing here alone.
    All of the world have drowned in lies’ shadows.
    To get along the life is not like walk through meadows.

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