Slow Friday Though Iíd share some of the happen…

Slow Friday

Though Iíd share some of the happenings going on with the show I (and my theatre company, beYond thAt) am working on. It is called The Tooth of Crime and it is by Sam Shepard. For anyone who is unfamiliar with the show; in a nutshell, it is about an aging rock star, by the name of Hoss, who is at the top of the ìgameî, and his longing to get out of the ìgameî and actually create. This is spurred on by the arrival of a ìgypsyî killer named Crow. A gypsy is a person who plays the game, but does not follow the rules. Through their confrontations, we discover that Hoss wants the freedom of the gypsy, while Crow want the glamour of Hoss (and doesnít care how he gets it). In the world of these men, battles are fought with words and music, and may the best man win.

This has been an interesting process, as we have had to write original music for this show. The script comes with the lyrics, but, in order to keep each production fresh, it is recommended that each show write their own music. We are blessed to have a group of very talented musicians working on this project. I have been attending their rehearsals for the last couple of weeks and thing are really beginning to come together. Absolutely amazing!

We hope to be having auditions shortlyÖwe are waiting to nail down a space (hopefully The Viaduct ñ for any of you Chicago people), and we are shooting for a January go.

I will keep you all informed.



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