I’m Back Damn! It sure has been a while. Over…

I’m Back

Damn! It sure has been a while. Over the last seven days I have been to 4 states. Last week consited of going to KC, MO for a work related trip. It was very enlightening. While there I met several very cool people. One of whom (?) works for a magazine out in Seattle called Yes! Magazine, which is a very cool magazine. I found this article there about how Iraqi’s feel about the impending war. It is very sad.

I went to a new undergroung blues club called Blaney’s (I think), and to thre riverboats…yes, I lost $20 ;-(

This weekend, I went to a very special wedding up in Wisconsin. My friends Billy and Meghan got married. These two are among the most joyful and truly whole people I know. Everything is a new experience. Family is important, and though I only knew about a dozen people, I felt as though I was part of the family. For those wondering, Billy is the lead singer for oh my god and Meghan is an emergency room nurse at a West Side Chicago hospital. It was a truly beautiful experience.

Peace and Love


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