Sorry No subway spirituality today. I need to …


No subway spirituality today. I need to get something off my chest.

Our warmonger president doesn’t get it. Listen up Mr. President.

Yes, I am fully confident that we can beat Sadam in a war (note: notice how this seems to be an issue between Sadam and 43?)

But get this 43…Sadam is an egomainiac. He would rather keep control of his country than face annialation from war. You see. He is a coward, and we have a chance for peace…albeit an unsteady one, but peace none the less. Why do you think all of our allies are against war…hmm?

One more point to ponder…we wanted access for arms inspectors. We got it. Now, if you decided to bomb him, well, there goes that. AND knowing that he probobably won’t survive, dontcha think he will let all of what he does have go. Now how good will that turn our.

With all due respect Mr. President, Take a minute to think about all the repprecussions here. If we want to overthrow Sadam, I don’t think war is the way, how can a steady new government be created out of chaos. Work from the inside. Collateral damage is not acceptable.



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