You need a reason? Well, I am right now being r…

You need a reason?

Well, I am right now being reminded why I do not, nor ever have, played golf. Get this, I am in pain! Yes, I went to a driving range the other day and now the entire left side of my torso hurts. Dear Lord, I feel like such a wuss. I can walk around on a sprained ankle like it was nothing, but I go to a damn driving range and it hurts to breathe. Jeeze.

So, I was pleasantly surprised by my drive home from Springfield yesterday, it actually took 3 hours, yippee! I went down to Springfield to celebrate my Grandpaís 90th Birthday. He is an amazing man, first of all he is probably the most in shape, both physical and mentally, of any 90 year old I have ever met. I certainly hope I am blessed with the same genes that all of my grandparents have. My Momís folk both passed away when they were in their late 90ís (Grandma Mac was 96 and Grandpa Mac was 98). And they were both strong and healthy until the end. In fact Grandma Mac had a hip replacement surgery at 94. The doctors were a bit concerned about putting her under a general anesthetic, but they did an EKG and her heart was stronger than most 12 year olds.

So, Grandpa is 90 and Grandma is 88. Wow!

Well. I guess that is all for now.



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