Ok. Fín rant time. (just a quick note. I bega…

Ok. Fín rant time.

(just a quick note. I began writing this on impulse at 9 this morning and finished after lunch…my blod pressure has dropped considerably since then)

Sorry, but I just read that one of the victims of the unfortunate accident on the south side, in which 3 women were hit by a van that lost control and the drive and passenger were then beaten to death (unfortunately one of the 3 women died yesterday), has filed suit against the estate of one of the men beaten to death and the van rental company.

I can understand the suit against the van rental company, especially if it is determined that there was a mechanical failure. But give me a damn breakÖincluding a dead manís estate in the suit. What is the point? This man was publicly beaten to death and now on top of his familyís grief there is the possibility of being suedÖthis just makes no sense to me. I know I donít know all the facts surrounding this, but from the outside looking in I think stuff like this is what is wrong with our society as a whole. We always seem to need someone to blameÖeven if it is nobodyís fault. We always seem to have the need for revengeÖeven if there is no need for it. Come on! How about we work to try to figure out what happened in this accidentÖhow about we work together to forgive each other for the accidents that we cause or have been victims of. ARGGHHH it is so damn frustrating.

I have calmed down considerably since I started this blogÖthat is what happens when updating at work and can type in-between projects.

I am in a much better mood now.



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