I’m Back After a week of shear unaduterated bli…

I’m Back

After a week of shear unaduterated bliss, I have returned. Yes, my previous post was a bit whiny, but the week got better. This was the first time in ages…and I mean it…that I did absolutely nothing.

It is such a wonderful thing to nothing, have no worries, no problems. AhhÖIt all ended so abruptly this morning at 7:30 with the strange buzzing sound coming from the other end of my roomÖoh yes, the dreaded alarm. But alas, all good things must come to an end.

One of the best parts of the vacation, was getting reacquainted to a friend I thoughtÖwell, we went separate ways for a bit. Not intentionally, but it just sort of happened. She was going through a rough patch and there was some miscommunication and we just have not talked for a a few monthsÖwho feels like an assÖyou got itÖME. But all is mended and forgiven. I love it when things like that happen. I feel like I shouldnít of left her when she was having her problems, but she said it was ok. I donít knowÖI still feel stupid.

Anyway. We are cool once again.

I guess that is all I have todayÖgood to be back.



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