Commuter Hell (part 1) OkÖtime for a little irr…

Commuter Hell (part 1)

OkÖtime for a little irritation to come out here.

I went down to Springfield to visit my family this past weekendÖit was nice and relaxing except for the approximately 11 hours in the carÖnot a problem if one is going on a road trip, but Springfield is only 200 miles away from ChicagoÖabout 3 hour. Here is the automobile diary of the trip.

Friday 12 p.m.

Walk from my office to Joeís Crab Shack on Wells and Chicago. Meet Todd there and get money for the money order that will pay the dues for beYond thAt to become a real NFP Corporation. While I am there I decide to eatÖmy buddy Joe is working so I request his table. I ordered my food, and since I was one of the first of the lunch crowd I assume I will get my food pretty quicklyÖno such luck. The kitchen has lost my ticket, and thus beginning the road trip form hell.


Finally finish eating my burger (yum). Hop on the brown line to Sedgwick (where I knew there would be free parking)Öhop into my car and off I go!!


On the road againÖeverything is good.


This is too good to be trueÖleaving Chicago and minimal traffic.


DAMN!!! It was too good to be trueÖsomewhere between Chicago and Joliet all of the cars suddenly appear in front of me. And I donít move for 30 minutes.


Finally moving again and I find an exit I think will bring me to the frontage road along side the highwayÖdoh! Stupid. First of all it is heading west and I want to go south. Secondly, I was not the only one with the idea, but hey, at least I am moving.


Finally find a south bound route.


So has everyone else. WaitingÖwaitingÖgreen light ÖyippeeÖnot movingÖred lightÖmoving Öweird.


See a gas station…hey a blessing in disguise. I need to get some gas and I fill up forÖget this. 1.39/gallon. I also ask the attendant if I am even close to I-55. ìYes, about six miles down the road.î


Six miles later (this is getting ridiculous); Hit I-55 and make it back on the roadÖI donít know what I did, but an hour after I take the bazaar exit I am back on my way and have by passed the traffic jam on 55 (still donít know what caused it).


Finally get to the homesteadÖ4.5 hours after leaving Chicago. This is usually a 3 hour drive.


Leaving The MuniÖopening night for my momís show. She did a great job with the hair design for Anything Goes. Post show traffic jam.


Finally leave the parking lot.

That is all for todayÖstay tuned


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