Conundrum Tripp sent an e-mail out asking what …


Tripp sent an e-mail out asking what we though about the whole pledge of allegiance thing. This is my answerÖHa.

maybeÖactually probably notÖI know this because I actually wrote it down ñ on paper ñ before posting it, although this beautiful run-on was not included on the notebook paperÖokÖhere we go

When we are saying the pledge of allegiance it is to the flag. As far as I am concerned, it is not a pledge to God or about God. Some will argue that is we remove the ìunder Godî phrase we are risking loosing Godís blessing on the nationÖI have actually read that somewhere. Well, if that is the case, does God not bless other countries?

From reading responses to Trippís e-mail, I guess the big concern is it whom and what do we pledge allegiance? J.M. Aguiar in his response to the e-mail says, ìI have privately felt that the Pledge does, indeed, border on idolatry, and that’s a word I’ve used in my own thoughts. I more or less outgrew the Pledge in about 4th grade, and haven’t said it since, for a variety of reasons [me, too. Mainly because I havenít been in a situation to]. Likewise, I don’t bow when entering a dojo. Tolerance for other faiths does not extend to a submissive betrayal of my own principles.î Since I havenít been to a dojo in 15 years, maybe I canít comment on that. But, I always wipe my feet before entering a theatre. This is a symbolic cleansing in my opinionÖa showing of respect for a place I hold close to my heart. I donít feel that I am betraying any of my principles. I, also, put my hand over my heart while at the ballpark during the playing of the national anthem. I donít see how doing any of these symbolic acts is a ìsubmissive betrayal of my own principles.î I wipe my feet when entering a theatreÖI put my hand over my heart at the ballparkÖI pray in churchÖI give time to church. I guess what I am trying to say is, this whole debate seems to be one of those ìgive unto Caesar, give unto Godî issues. I pledge allegiance to my country through the symbolic act of reciting the pledge; I cleanse myself before entering a theatre; but I OPEN and GIVE myself before Jehovah. By doing this with all of my mind and heart, even though I pledge allegiance to country, I am giving myself to Godís will.

The idea of idolatry never even crossed my mind. Is pledging allegiance to a flag idolatry? Is praying to a saint? Is lighting a candle? Taking communion? Seeing a cross? I donít know. I think the definition of idolatry is almost an individual one. For me it is something to the effect of, something becomes an idol if you place it before God, but it is something else if you use it to help you focus on Godís love.

Man that is a lot of stuff. And in my typical fashion I veered off in a whole other direction. Oh well.

Veritas vos liberabit (The truth will set you free)



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