BOLD I just had to stop listening to the radio….


I just had to stop listening to the radio. There was a guy who sounded wike Ewmer Fudd. Now I have nothing against speech impedements, but why, oh why, on the radio?

Ok. Sorry, but I just couldn’t handle it any more.

Now! On with the show!

What to write about today? I really don’t know. So, now we will watch as my mind wanders until I have something to say. In advance as of right now capatization and puncuation are ceasing

tripp and i have been discussing the development of community and i am not so bright on this issue

i told him my concern was that a monasitic society has the potential to become cultic

then he brought up the fact the that could hapen within a congregation as well

and i thougt oh yeah duh

so i am still stuck

oh well i maybe someday will understand

i am bored bored bored

i am fustrated and bored

i try not to be

i want to make art all day

i want to talk politics all day

i want to be able to just enjoy the day

i am not made for offices

dont get me wrong

i like what i do i like the people

i dont like being stuck inside all the time

i come from a nomadic type of people and i guess i still am

i was rereading some of the stuff i have written here and discovered that there is a recurring them of dont stop go

now that is not how it sounds

what i mean with phrases like that is not to work yourself to a nub

because i believe we as a society work way too much and dont enjoy ourselves

i mean dont stop yourself dont hold yourself back let it go

i am very happy

i am content

but i am missing something and i dont know what




that is all



peace on earth


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