A Need Tripp and Leo (his room mate) and I have…

A Need

Tripp and Leo (his room mate) and I have been talking about the direction of Soaked, NSBC’s praise band. Tripp has a blog about what I am going to discuss as well, just click he name above.

We had a great outing 2 weeks ago at our Sunday night woship service. Tripp’s professor AKMA was there and made a nice observation…we need to let go and fly…do some U2 or somthing like that…I agree 100%. And this is where some problems occur. There are a couple of people in the band who do not think that is appropiate. I can understand their p.o.v., but I think it would be good for us.

Here is an article about U2 that discusses their faith. (Tripp it is a new one). Someone wrote that they were concerned about Bono’s use of the F-word. The article being that into perspecive…in fact there is a great quote from Tono Campolo, “20,000 children have died of hunger today and you don’t give a shit! In fact you are more concerned with the fact I used shit than that 20,000 children died of hunger”.

Any way, I have gotten off track. One thing I think Soaked should do, and I discussed this with Leo, is sit down and restructure. I see no reason not to try to make new arrangements of songs (we have a unique instrumentation). Also, maybe have a front person, and back up singers. Alternate fronts or something. Instead of being a “cover” band, if you will, we could become a Cover band that re-imagines songs.

OK. That is all.

P.S. Tripp…this was discussed last night…kind of brainstorming after Supertones.



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