Brave Old, New World I walked into the neighbor…

Brave Old, New World

I walked into the neighborhood corner store yesterday, and Sam, the owner, was standing behind the counter with a perplexed look on his face. With mild concern, I went to the back of the store and picked up a gallon of milk. Upon arriving at the counter, Samís expression had not changed.

ìJustin, this is like the old country.î

ìWhat is, Sam?î

ìThe way they are talking on the TV.î

Looking over to the TV, I saw our brilliant Attorney General giving a press conference.

ìI thought, when I left I did not have to worry about what I do. I am worried that if I talk to some of my family I may get in trouble.î

ìI know. I canít believe it. I grew up here and only read about these things. I guess that is what happens when we get an Attorney General who was beaten by a dead man when he ran for governor.î

ìI mean, it is not as as bad as Africa, with the knives cutting heads, but stillÖI mean they are making so many restrictionsÖI came here so I could live free.î

This really pisses me off. The fact that a person who came to this country seeking shelter from a despotic government is saying that we, the land of the free, are slowly turning that way. We have an administration that seems to want to do away with our civil liberties in the name of ìFreedomî. Well, I say, screw youÖbecause I can, that is my RIGHT. I say is time to write our leaders and let them know how we feel. Do we really want to live in a place where our phones can be tapped without a warrant? Do we want to live in a place where people are being held without chargeÖwhere citizens are denied due process?

Please send letters, e-mails, anecdotes, etc. to the following people, asking them to keep the United States of America the land of the Free.

President Bush and Vice President Cheney

Sen. Dick Durbin

Sen. Peter Fitzgerald

Your House Represenative



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