Forgiven Tripp is in the midst of a very intere…


Tripp is in the midst of a very interesting discussion on his blog, it is about forgiveness. I will attempt to delve into this discussion here. It should make for an interesting, if incoherent, blog. Please remember that I believe that simplicity is the key.

First please click on Trippís name for a link to his site and read his blog, as well as the comments posted below it.

I really believe that they are overcomplicating the issue. I think what needs to happen in order for forgiveness to occur is thisÖWe need to be willing to forgive (ourselves and others). If you look at the Lordís Prayer is says (depending on how you were raisedÖthese are the words I learned), ìforgive us our sins, as we forgive those who have sinned against us.î Now, I think that is pretty self-explanatory. Forgiveness is a matter of the heart. Weather or not others forgive us, we have to be willing to forgiveÖThat, I believe, is the essence of our faith as Christians. In order to be ìsavedî, we must admit that ìwe are sinners, and fall short of the Glory of God.î And, I believe, in doing so we realize the grace of God.

We need to remember to whom Jesus was speakingÖthe farmers, fishermen, and the everyman. He taught in a simple way (I consider myself well educated, and yet all of the hubbub that is mentioned in Trippís blog loses me.) By being over analytical of this simple idea, we are making it harder to understand than it is. That is why it is so hard for people to come to the church with their problemsÖif they come seeking forgiveness, there are so many ìrulesî that go along with asking forgiveness, that it is an intimidating process. Just ask, with a true yearning, and it is given. That is the Grace of God.

Now, how do we apply this to fellow humans? As for asking for forgiveness, just ask with the true yearning I mentioned above. Weather it is granted or not is just something we will have to assume, nee hope for. This is the difference between asking for forgiveness from God and people. We can do things that will help us feel better (we are forgiving ourselvesÖas a person or as a people). For example, My friend, and future roommate, Sherry will soon be accompanying some El Salvadoran refugees to Florida as they begin filing suit against Generals who were responsible for massacring their villages. Sherry is going, not only for support, but for her regret in the United States part in assisting these generals. This is her way of doing penance (another ìruleî), but it is her way of absolving and cleansing herself from this atrocity.

Tripp and Rich have been discussing the role of monetary reparations (if I am to understand correctly), and, well, I donít really understand the logic behind suing (for lack of a better word) if the defendant doesnít have any moneyÖand really, what good does it do. Now, there are times when it is appropriate, but more often than notÖit does nothing to help with the situation. It just messes it up even more.

Well, I hope this makes my feeling on forgiveness as clear as mud. Please e-mail me comments at justin@aaii.com.


ìOh, my God. This is overwhelming, moving at the speed of time. The ever-present Now. This opportunity is yours and mine. I canít say for certain, but Iím certain, you know what I mean? Electrified, purified, terrified. Iím inside of me.î

–from ìx10î by oh my god


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