Meet Art I went outside for lunch today, and th…

Meet Art

I went outside for lunch today, and there was this guy playing his sax. While listening to him, I began to feel something…and it wasn’t that pesky bee that had been bugging me all lunch…It was joy. I just felt good listening to this man’s music. I will be the first to admit that he probably isn’t the most technically sound player out there, but he had something else going for him. Passion…not matter what he played he was playing with everything he had. Nothing else mattered. Really, I was out there for about 45 minutes and he never stopped.

This brings me to my point. I think the thing that is missing most in quite a bit of today’s art, be it music, dance, painting, theatre, film, etc., is the passion. Think about it…how many times have come away from a play or concert or saying, “Yeah, that was pretty good.”, and then not mention it again. And then think about the things you see that you keep talking about for days on end…now what caused that? I think art must make the spectator/participant feel–something. Apathy is one of my biggest peeves, and “art” that doesn’t make you feel is there just to waste my time.

I am posting this to hold myself, as an artist, accountable…A reminder that I, too, must keep from beeing an apathetic mess.




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