GOOD DAY, ALL! wow, what a short night. I was …


wow, what a short night. I was at rehearsal for A Temporary World last night until midnight, and up at 7 this morning. that is one of the curses of being involved in theatre and having the day job…good thing i majored in sleep deprivation in college….not complaing…just sayin, yo.

if you actually scrolled down my site, you may have noticed a link to a guy named Lance Storm. let me being by saying, i am a mark for professional wrestling…just one of those things…been a fan since i was a kid, and still enjoy. anyway, back to the point. i put Lance’s personal website up because he is more vigalant at updating his website than google. even if you are not a fan of wrestling his commentaries are always interresting…and they are all archived. he also has a comment board that he updates every couple of days…the site allows a very inside look to a form of entertainmet in which performers give all they can in order to please an audience. They live though constant pain and injuries and keep working…just check this out… The Ross Report.

Ok, I will be back later to post something truly relevant.



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