A Mid-Days Day Dream ever wonder what happens t…

A Mid-Days Day Dream

ever wonder what happens to all of the lysol cans

me either, really

what about the jellie bellies that no one likes

or how about all the dust left in the klennex box when it empties

or maybe the sparks that fly when a new log is thrown in the fire

what about those times when the melencholy just curls up in your lap and acts just like the cat

leaving its hair all over everything

but sometimes i need that hair there

i need it to remind me of things that i have had and do no longer

or about time i have had and never will again

or the people or the pets or the bushes

but then again there are the times when an unwanted mutt will follow you home

you can not shake this persistent pooch

no matter what you do the ragged meddling smelly mutt is there

why has this thing chosen you of all people to follow home

why do you open that left over can of food for it

damn it

it just wont leave you alone

go out

cross the steet

run to the park

the mutt follows

give in




stay with me

you are my friend

then one day walking the friend home from the park

you get to the street and he turns and looks at you



then continues out to the street

you standing in awe watch in slow motion as he is hit

the car stops


he knew it would have been you

what happens when the dog leaves



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